Developmental Assessments & Treatment Consultations
Speech-Language Therapy
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Developmental Assessments & Treatment Consultations

Developmental Assessments &

Treatment Consultations

At Smile we share your joy and understand your concerns regarding your child’s development. We believe that when a concern or suspected concern is present-no matter how big or small- every individual deserves an opportunity to get some answers and get started on the track. We believe in early identification and support its well-researched role in long-term developmental success. As a part of our mission to help each individual reach their utmost potential, Smile provides assessments, screening, and consultative services from birth to adolescence for individuals that have any form of suspected developmental concern in the areas of:

  • Speech-Language Development
  • Feeding and Nutrition
  • Motor Skill Development
  • Sensory Processing
  • Behavior Concerns


Assessment, screening, and consultative treatment services can include one or more of the following based on individual need:

  • Play-based observation of child in naturalistic environment
  • Standardized assessment
  • Consultation with multi-disciplinary interventionists
  • Comprehensive parent/caregiver interview
  • Thorough review of records
  • Immediate feedback in regards to current levels of development, next steps, and easy to implement treatment suggestions when appropriate
  • Community resources/referrals as needed


“The assessment team at Smile listened attentively to my concerns, helped ease my fears, and gave me a clear understanding of my child’s strengths and needs with a great action plan to help him.”


Should you have any concern regarding your child’s development, please do not hesitate to contact us at 323.644.9380 or at Together we will determine if a full assessment is needed for your child or if your child would benefit from single or ongoing monthly consultative services to help jump-start or maintain your child’s development.

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy


The Speech-Language Therapy program at Smile focuses on providing high quality, assessment and treatment services through natural, everyday learning opportunities. Under the guidance of our licensed speech-language pathologists and speech-language pathology assistants, children in our program are taught the foundational skills of relating (engagement), understanding (receptive language), communicating (expressive language), and speaking (speech production).



Speech-language therapy services may target any or all of the following areas related to effective communication: Receptive Language, Expressive Language, Fluency, Voice, Speech Production, Motor Speech Disorders, Pragmatic/Social Communication Skills, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ACC). We work hand in hand with parents to help each child master the ever-changing, uniquely human skill of speech and language. Individualized treatment goals are created and caregivers are taught how to foster their child’s speech and language development during fun-filled, everyday life experiences. The result is lasting communicative success for all treatment participants.



The speech-language therapy program at Smile includes:

  • Assessment and therapy for children from birth to adolescence who present with some form of communication impairment
  • Individualized treatment sessions
  • Parent training workshops and programs including:
  • It Takes Two to Talk
  • More Than Words
  • PROMPT Parent Workshop
  • Parent training via ongoing parent information sessions


“The therapists at Smile have taught us so many creative ways and different strategies to communicate with our son and as a result his progress in speech has been wonderful.”


For more information regarding our Speech-Language Therapy program, please contact us at 323.644.9380 or at

Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration

Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration


Smile’s Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration Program focuses primarily on a child’s motor development, including both fine motor and gross motor skills. Additionally, sensory processing, self-regulation abilities, and self-help skills are supported. Impairments in any of the above developmental areas may be independent of one another but are often interrelated.


  • Motor Development: Motor skill delay is one of the primary reasons that a child may receive Occupational Therapy services. Delays in motor skills can impact a child’s ability to play, interact with others, and/or adequately explore his or her environment. Because of the nature of muscle strength, early intervention has yielded the most successful results when dealing with impairments in motor development. Treatment objectives may include the use of positioning techniques to teach the child how to move horizontally, how to lie on his or her side, to sit, crawl, stand, walk, reach, pull, draw, write, jump, run, and more.


  • Sensory Integration: Sensory processing is a dynamic neurological process of give and take (input and output) between the sensory system, motor system, and behavioral responses that helps us to organize and understand what is going on inside our own bodies and in the world around us.



Each individual has a unique sensory understanding and presents with different styles of interpreting and responding to these sensations. Intake and organization of these various inputs from the surrounding environment help us to initiate motor and behavioral responses that enhance our ability to stay calm, alert, and attentive for continued participation, engagement, and learning within the environmental context (this is also known as self-regulation). Difficulty taking in or interpreting this input can lead to impairments in self-regulation or delays in motor functioning, behavioral challenges, difficulty with social relationships, maintaining mood, regulating emotions, self-esteem, and overall learning.



Motor skill development and sensory experiences are fostered in Smile’s Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration treatment program through free-play and exploration, as well as in carefully planned and structured learning opportunities. Our occupational therapists focus on providing a child with “just-right challenges” that will help organize his or her motor and/or sensory system and thus helping the child to become more independent in their everyday routines.



The occupational therapy program at Smile includes:

  • Assessment and therapy for children from birth to adolescence who present with some form of motor impairment or sensory processing concern
  • Individualized treatment sessions
  • Parent training via ongoing parent information sessions


“The best thing about Smile’s OT treatment program is the confidence it has given my daughter around the other kids at school, there is no greater gift.”


For more information regarding our Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration Treatment program, please contact us at 323.644.9380or at

Eat.Smile.Grow Feeding and Nutrition Program

Eat.Smile.Grow Feeding and Nutrition Program


Eat.Smile.Grow is a comprehensive feeding and nutrition program offered at Smile for infants and toddlers from birth to school age that experience concerns or delays in feeding. The program provides efficacious treatment of feeding concerns or disorders where a supportive multidisciplinary team assesses the child’s needs, assigns appropriate research driven intervention programs, and supports caregiver education in order to improve the child’s overall feeding skills, behavior, and nutritional intake.



The Eat.Smile.Grow program at Smile offers individual and/or group feeding assessment and treatment via a team of licensed specialists including: occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, pediatric dietitians, child development specialists, and community pediatricians. Caregivers are also considered an integral part of the multidisciplinary feeding team and actively participate in the program, thereby promoting a positive feeding environment for all participants and the generalization of skills.


The Eat.Smile.Grow feeding and nutrition program at Smile includes:

  • Assessment and therapy for children from birth to school-age who present with some form of feeding concern
  • Individualized, as well as group treatment sessions
  • Parent training via ongoing parent information sessions


“With your help, encouragement and hard work (and I know it can be hard) our child can now brush her teeth without gagging, is open to trying new flavors and has added chicken nuggets to the list of foods she will eat. Big deals in our household!”


For more information regarding our Feeding and Nutrition program, please contact us at 323.644.9380 or at

Early Start Denver Model

Early Start Denver Model


Smile has joined forces with Dr. Sally Rogers, Ph.D and the M.I.N.D. Institute in Sacramento CA and has added ESDM treatment services to our service roster.


What is ESMD?

The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is a therapeutic intervention for children ages 12–60 months (1 yr–4 yrs) with or at risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Voted by Time Magazine as one of the top 10 health breakthroughs, the ESDM is an amalgamation of behavioral, relationship-based, developmental, and play-based approaches that are integrated into a comprehensive, individualized, standardized treatment plan. The ESDM focuses specifically on developing skills of:

  • Imitation
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Verbal communication
  • Social development
  • Play and pragmatic skills



These five areas are targeted within the curriculum to address areas of challenge or deficit in children with ASD, who struggle with nonverbal, verbal, and social aspects of communication. Intervention incorporates parents and caregivers as an integral part of treatment, and is founded in evidence-based strategies for affecting change in children with ASD.


“The ESDM is simply the best behavioral, relationship-based treatment program out there and the skills a child and their family can gain from it are life changing!”


Smile is currently enrolling clients in the program. For more information regarding Early Start Denver Model services provided at Smile, please contact us at 323.644.9380 or For information regarding the Early Start Denver Model visit