“The therapists at Smile have taught not only our child but us so many creative ways to play and so many different strategies to communicate with him, and, as a result, his progress in speech has been wonderful! Thank you for being so patient, loving, and encouraging with our son, and for teaching us all how to communicate better.”
“When we started at Smile, our daughter could barely draw a straight line, a circle was a huge challenge and scissors - forget it! I know that it may sound like simple things, but I never used to see her come home from school with marker on her fingers, and any crafty project was a straight ``no``. Now she's drawing people, coming home with marker on her hands, and even can cut without assistance - but the biggest thing is the confidence it's given her around the other kids at school, and there is no greater gift.”
“It is both remarkable and inspiring to know that there are such dedicated individuals at Smile who help children and their families. Please know that there are many other parents who feel the same way and even though we may often forget to tell you – your work is greatly appreciated! Thank you again for your hard work and dedication.”
“Thank you Smile for everything you have helped our child achieve in the past few months. With your help, encouragement and hard work (and I know it can be hard) our child can now brush her teeth without gagging, is open to trying new flavors and has added chicken nuggets to the list of foods she will eat. Big deals in our household!
“Endless thanks to Smile for all that you have done for me and my son. It is your persistent support, encouragement, creativity, kindness, love and warm smiles that have keep us both growing”
“My son has had feeding concerns since birth. I took him to see so many people to get help, as I knew something was not right. He was gaining weight just fine but couldn’t nurse without gagging or choking. All I heard from many specialists was “he is fine, he is gaining weight”. Then, when it was time to feed him pureed food- he could not swallow the food and I was an absolute mess. When you can’t feed your child- it scares the life out of you! Thankfully, my son has been in treatment at Smile since he was 6 months of age. He now swallows and chews whole foods and eats a variety of textures. It took a lot of work and patience but I am thankful with each bite that Smile’s exceptional feeding team is a part of our family!”
“You have shown my wife and I that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and given us tools to help our daughter. Your patience, optimism, enthusiasm and kindness are infectious!”