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Wonder Preschool & Learning Center

 An exciting approach to early education for all kids that is Holistic, Child-Centered, Evidenced Based, and FUN!


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A Holistic Approach to Early Child Development


Wonder’s curriculum follows our holistic intention: child-led, sensory-rich, project-based learning that grows organically from the seeds of each child’s interests and discovery. Learning materials and activities maximize the engagement and excitement of each child and each class. Wonder observes that the best and deepest learning is always done when children feel at play. Nurtured by Wonder’s excellent team of educators and multi-disciplinary specialists, including cognitive, language, motor, and social-emotional experts, children at Wonder engage in natural, everyday learning activities that excite the mind and spark a sense of wonder for the world of learning that awaits them!


Given our background in child development, Wonder acknowledges that the proper nourishment of a child’s body is just as important as that of their mind. To this end, Wonder provides nutrient rich meals by a local chef and nutritionist as a part of our curriculum where each child is given the opportunity to be involved in their meals and nutrition at every step from gardening to cleaning their plate. Wonder also offers a massive outdoor playground and indoor sensory gym, which allows kids to cultivate their physical and athletic abilities in a truly expansive and beautiful environment.


We hold as our highest ideal the notion that parents are their child’s greatest teachers. We are devoted to creating an environment of mutual support, learning, and friendship. Our parents experience the joy of not only seeing their child develop but the joy of developing alongside their child in ways never thought possible. Through hands-on parental involvement in our classrooms, ongoing parent education workshops, and parent/child socials, Wonder is a community of friendship, laughter, and fun.