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About Us

Wonder Preschool & Learning Center is a private preschool for fantastic kids between 2 to 5 years of age! We provide an exciting play-based and academic curriculum created by experts in the field of child development. Wonder’s approach to early education is holistic, child-centered, and FUN! With a focus on shaping social-emotionally well-balanced, creative, and independent students, Wonder IS the ideal learning environment!

Our Safety Pledge: At Wonder we view the developing brain as a critical time for learning. We understand your concerns and have partnered with a registered (RN) to best ensure a healthy environment. In this time of uncertainly, the education, health and safety of our students and staff remains paramount!

Wonder now offers a variety of safe, fun, and exciting in-person, virtual, or hybrid year-round learning opportunities. Call us today for a virtual tour at 323.644.9380. We look forward to growing together!

The Wonder Method©


Wonder’s curriculum, referred to as The Wonder Method© follows our holistic intention: child-led, sensory-rich, project-based learning that grows organically from the child’s interests and discovery. Learning material and activities maximize the engagement and excitement of each child and each class. Wonder observes that the best and deepest learning is always done when children FEEL at play. Nurtured by Wonder’s excellent team of distinguished educators and multi-disciplinary specialists, children at Wonder engage in hands-on, play-based and academic learning activities founded upon research and best practice. With a high faculty to student ratio, Wonder’s curriculum excites the mind and sparks a sense of curiosity for the world of learning that awaits each child!


Given our background in child development, Wonder acknowledges that the proper nourishment of a child’s body is just as important as that of their mind. To this end, Wonder offers a massive outdoor playground and indoor sensory gym, which allows kids to cultivate a sense of self and an awareness of others, while learning how to use that information to engage in meaningful social-emotional relationships with others. Students at Wonder develop a fondness for teamwork, leadership, cooperation, and friendship while bolstering their self-confidence, physical and athletic abilities in a truly expansive and beautiful environment.


We hold as our highest ideal the notion that parents are their child’s greatest teachers. We are devoted to creating an environment of mutual support, learning, and friendship. Our Parents experience the joy of not only seeing their child develop but the joy of developing alongside their child in ways never thought possible. Through hands-on parental involvement in our classrooms, ongoing parent education workshops, and parent/child socials, Wonder is a community of friendship, laughter, and fun.

Safety Pledge

Wonder cares deeply about the health and safety of each child. We have diligently implemented procedures as mandated by the Public Health Department, Centers for Disease Control, and Child Care Licensing to ensure that the safety of our students and staff remains paramount. In partnership with a registered nurse (RN) trained in pandemic safety, Wonder has implemented a variety of protective measures. These include but are not limited to curbside student drop-off, no onsite visitation, staff visibility face masks and face shields (when appropriate), increased opportunities for outdoor learning, smaller classrooms, social distance-student learning activities, increased sanitation measures during school hours (as well as nightly deep cleaning), and regular staff and parent mandatory health and safety training. Our expert RN will also serve as ongoing consultant during this time to best ensure that as a community we create a safe and healthy learning environment for all.


Admissions & Tuitions

Selecting the right preschool and learning program for your child is an important decision. 

Our admissions process is designed so that each child and family is provided with the unique opportunity to experience our program firsthand. Wonder students can enroll anytime throughout the school year based on classroom availability and appropriateness of the program for each child. Wonder continues to offer quality, general education in-person classes via partial or full 2-day, 3-day and 5-day enrollment options. Additionally, we now offer a fully virtual E-learning program or a combination of in-person and virtual classes (via our hybrid model). E-learning classes at Wonder are developmentally appropriate, fun, and led by master educators.

Once enrolled and up to one month prior to your child’s first day of school, Wonder students are invited to attend our complimentary Gentle Beginnings Program, where new students and their parents virtually participate in our afternoon program to meet their teachers and fellow classmates, helping to ease the transition into school. Wonder also offers complimentary Potty-Learning & Parent Training workshops for parents of enrolled students. Our current program offerings are as follows:

Traditional Model: In-Person Classes

2 Day Program (T/TH)
Full Day 8am-5pm
Half Day 8am-1pm
Extended Care 5pm-6pm
3 Day Program (M,W,F)
Full Day 8am-5pm
Half Day 8am-1pm
Extended Care 5pm-6pm
5 Day Program (M-F)
Full Day 8am-5pm
Half Day 8am-1pm
Extended Care 5pm-6pm

Mandatory Fees

The below indicated fees are required per student according to the following due dates:

Additional Program Fees
Amount/Due Date
Application for Enrollment
$50.00 - Upon submission of preschool application (one time fee)
$250.00 - 14 days after acceptance into program (annual fee)
Earthquake Kit
$25.00 - 14 days prior to 1st scheduled day of enrollment (annual fee)
Student Materials
$100.00 - 14 days prior to 1st scheduled day of enrollment (annual fee)
Early Withdrawal
$500.00 Due at the time of early withdrawal (one time fee)

Virtual Model: E-Learning Classes

At Wonder, we understand that some parents may not feel comfortable having their child attend in-person classes at this time. Therefore, we also offer a fully virtual class model so that the learning continues at this important stage of brain development! High quality and engaging classes are scheduled based on student and staff availability. Each class is up to 60 minutes in length. Student access to E-learning device required. The following monthly E-learning packages are available for purchase:

Number of E-Learning Classes Per Week:
Monthly E-Learning Flat Rate:
One Individual E-Class Per Week:
$160 Monthly (@ $40.00 per class)
Two Individual E-Classes Per Week:
$280 Monthly (@ $35.00 per class)
Three Individual E-Classes Per Week:
$420 Monthly (@ $35.00 per class)
Four Individual E-Classes Per Week:
$480Monthly (@ $30.00 per class)
Five Individual E-Classes Per Week:
$600 Monthly (@ $30.00 per class)
Six+ Individual E-Classes Per Week:
$684 monthly ( Starting )
Two Group E-Classes Per Week
$200 monthly ( Starting )

Hybrid Model: Combination of In-Person + Virtual Classes

For students participating in our traditional in-person program who may also want to receive additional E-learning classes, Wonder offers reduced virtual classes at an individual rate of $30.00 per class. This hybrid model follows our virtual model with a variety of E-learning options to choose from (see above). Student access to E-learning device required. Monthly packages available for purchase.




We invite you to FEEL alongside us the magic of Wonder Preschool & Learning Center!

Wonder offers year-round enrollment opportunities for potty-learned children ages 2 to 5 years. Schedule a tour today by calling us at 323.644.9380 or via the below form. We look forward to together making a lasting, positive impact on your child’s early education at Wonder!

Step 1: Fill Out Enrollment Interest Form Below

Step 2: Within 3-5 business days of receipt of Enrollment Interest Form, a staff member will contact you regarding next steps.

Step 3: Once accepted into the program, a New Student Enrollment Packet will be provided to you and shall returned by the indicated due date prior to your child’s first scheduled day of enrollment (along with associated fees).

For more information please do not hesitate to contact our enrollment specialists at 323.644.9380. We look forward to hearing from you!


Nicole Hajjar, M.S. CCC-SLP, ESDM
Title: Child Development Expert, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, Early Start Denver Model Certified Provider
CEO Smile + Wonder
Name: Tony Hajjar, B.S., Chemistry & Mathematics
Title: CFO Smile + Wonder

Bio: Nicole Hajjar, MS CCC-SLP, ESDM and Tony Hajjar, BS are the proud parents of three boys and owners/executive directors for both Smile Pediatric Therapy & Diagnostics (Smile) and Wonder Preschool & Learning Center (Wonder). Nicole, a speech-language pathologist, alongside Tony, a professional musician with a degree in Chemistry & Mathematics, opened Smile in 2008, positively impacting the lives of many children and their families. In 2017, the duo opened Wonder Preschool where Nicole diligently crafted the schools research-based curriculum known as The Wonder Method©, which places strong emphasis on social-emotional development via naturalistic, play-based learning across all areas of development. Nicole is in pursuit of her Doctoral degree in Education and offers a variety of parent and educator workshops at Smile + Wonder and within the community. You can often find Tony working on various music or Smile + Wonder development projects. Both Nicole & Tony have created an amazing learning environment at Wonder where children, parents, and staff are nurtured to dream BIG!

Ana Schmid B.A., Early Childhood Education
Title: Wonder Preschool Director
Bio: Ana Schmid, BA is the Site Director at Wonder Preschool. She has been working with young children for 16 years and loves incorporating the arts (especially music!) into teaching. Ana aims to promote excellence within the field of early childhood education and to increase public knowledge of the value of preschool. She is a wife, mother of 2, and an avid reader, hiker, and thrift store shopper. She holds a BA in Early Childhood Education with plans to begin a Master’s Program. Ana is often described as “Mary Poppins” and assists in the development and implementation of The Wonder Method, providing insight from a deep base of knowledge in the field of early childhood education!
Becky Parkin, M.A., OTR/L, ESDM, SWC
Title: Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Early Start Denver Model Certified Provider, Swallow Certified
Smile Pediatric Therapy & Diagnostics Assistant Director of Clinical Services
Bio: Rebecca Parkin, MA, OTR/L, SWC, ESDM is a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in sensory processing and feeding therapy, with advanced practice in swallowing certification. She is certified in the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), a program for children who demonstrate at-risk signs or have a formal diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Rebecca serves as the Assistant Director of Clinical Services at Smile. She also is a key curriculum developer for Wonder Preschool + Learning Center (Smile’s sister company). She is a wife, lover of nature and dogs, and has begun her Doctoral degree in Occupational Therapy!

Rent Our Space

From birthday fun to private parties Smile + Wonder offers an array of exciting rental packages.

A landscape of fun, Wonder’s outdoor playground is the ultimate location for your child’s birthday party! Slide, jump, play, create, and explore in this child-friendly environment where party-goers squeal in delight. Basic Party Rate: $350 for 3 hours/ One Extra Hour of Space Rental $100

Apply for Party Rental Space

Step 1: Fill out application

If yes, alcohol may not be served to minors (anyone under 21 years of age) at any time. Renter, catering, and/or bartender staff (as applicable) must ensure that no minors are drinking alcohol by appropriate means of

If yes, please supply insurance certificate with Smile Pediatric and Diagnostics (DBA Wonder Preschool and Learning Center) Listed as “Additional Insured”

Step 2: Within 3-5 business days of receipt of Party Rental Application, a staff member will contact you in regards to the next steps. For additional information to rent our space, email info@smileanwonder.com.

 To learn more about Smile Pediatric Therapy & Diagnostics (Smile), please